Mai Janyo Nahi

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When the demons and Gods did Samudra Manthan, 14 gems came out of the ocean. One of the 14 gems was Goddess Lakshmi. The moment Lakshmi came out, both demons and gods tried their best to win her. The first people Lakshmi saw were some saints and rishis. They stood up and requested Lakshmi to come to them. However, Lakshmi denied to go to them saying that even though the saints are nice, they have a big ego that they are a little above humans as they know the secret to reach the gods. Then the Gods stood and asked her to come to them. But Lakshmi again denied by saying that you have become gods by virtue and she only goes to those who are hardworking and do labour. Lakshmi then saw one man who was not looking at her at all, when everybody else was in a line to win her. So, she went up to that man. That man was nobody else but Lord Vishnu who was lying down peacefully. Lakshmi went to him and shook his legs. He asked her, what is the matter? She replied that she wants to marry him. Vishnu accepted her.  Since then Lakshmi and Narayan became one.

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